KWEN holds quarterly meetings in April, July, October and January. Meetings run from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, on Tuesdays. Exact location changes, but all meetings are held in the Lawrence, Kan. area.

KWEN members have created three sub-groups that meet on a monthly to bi-monthly basis. KWEN Green Drinks, Walk the Talk Hiking Group, and Environmental Book Club are three additional opportunities for you to get out and have fun with environmentally focused women. Connect with us on Facebook or by signing up for our Google Group to stay in the loop!

Lawrence Green Drinks Facebook:

Find out how to join KWEN and become an attendee of our fun, educational meetings by emailing KWENLeadership [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Meeting Archive

2013 Meeting History – The year it all began!

2014 Meeting History

2015 Meeting History

2017 Meeting History

January 2017 (Baker Wetlands Discovery Center) KWEN members gathered on Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 at the Baker Wetlands Discovery Center for the annual KWEN Forum on Environmental Issues. This year’s panel discussion was focused on best practices in community engagement and included a dinner provided by KWEN member Raven Naramore with Raven’s Table Catering. The panelists were Jessica Mortinger with Lawrence-Douglas County Metropolitan Planning Organization, Sarah Nelson-Hill with Bowersock Mills and Power Company, and Rachel Myslivy, a KWEN co-founder. More information, including member-submitted questions and panelists’ responses, can be found here: 2017 Forum on Environmental Issues

April 2017 (White School House): The Kansas Women’s Environmental Network celebrated its fourth anniversary with a potluck gathering at the White School House on April 18th. The White School House location has become the venue of choice for this event because of the lovely indoor and outdoor space. During the meeting Chavis Lickvar-Armstrong thanked fellow co-chair Jenica Nelson for her work leading this organization for the last two years. Jenica handed over her co-chair opportunity to Sue Kidd. Sue has been a member of the leadership team since the organization’s inception and is the creator of the Should-to-Should Mentor program. The leadership group also thanked Julie Coleman, Dawn Buehler and Olga Khakova for their work leading committees and facilitating the growth of KWEN.  The celebration included lots of delicious food and time for networking. The April potlucks provide a nice opportunity to meet new people in a relaxed and social environment.

 July 2017 (Ecumenical Campus Ministries) KWEN members gathered on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017, at the ECM for a mini-workshop potpourri, which included a meal and networking. A total of three workshops based on the theme “finding your voice” were offered. Each workshop was offered two times, enabling attendees to participate in two of the four. The workshops were: Blogging and Best Practices in Using Social Media presented by Amanda Davis, Tai Chi presented by Adrineh Mehdikhani, and Engaging Your Representatives Through Letter Writing presented by Renée Whaley.

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