Become a Contributing Member

 The KWEN Leadership Team is excited to announce that you can support the Kansas Women’s Environmental Network by becoming an official member!

Click here to view and fill out the KWEN membership form!

 Do you enjoy networking, learning, and celebrating with other environmentally minded women?  Do you like to keep up with the latest environmental news, job opportunities and events?  Do you want see KWEN grow and thrive on into the future?
Your financial contribution is a way for you to show your support and appreciation for this thriving group, and it will help set KWEN on a path toward continued excellence and growth for years to come.
Your contribution supports the organizational mission and activities of KWEN. This could include venue costs, website, operational costs, scholarships, sponsorships, materials and more. 
All contributing members receive a KWEN name tag and lapel pin. 
KWEN’s mission is to benefit all women environmentalists, so you’ll still have the same access to the website, Facebook page, Google group emails and announcements, meetings, and networking events even if you choose not to be an official contributing member.

Payment options: 1. Pay online, click on the PayPal button below,  or 2. Pay by check or cash at the next quarterly meeting.



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