KWEN Quarterly, Edition 7

The Spring 2017 edition of the KWEN newsletter features the latest and greatest from our wonderful KWEN community. Learn about joining the Leadership Team, some of the amazing accomplishments of our talented members, and upcoming plant sales and workshop opportunities for spring! Click here for the KWEN Spring 2017 Newsletter.

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2017 Forum on Environmental Issues

Best Practices in Community Engagement from a Diverse Panel of Expert Women

At the above link you can read questions and answers from panelists Jessica Mortinger, Sarah Hill-Nelson, and Rachel Myslivy. Download Word Document: kwen-2017-forum-blog

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KWEN Quarterly, Edition 6

KWEN Quarterly, Edition 6

Leadership Goals for 2017, upcoming events, kudos to some of our amazing members and their accomplishments, and more! All in this sixth edition of KWEN Quarterly.

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KWEN Quarterly Newsletter

KWEN Quarterly will be published on our website just prior to our quarterly meetings and the content will be submissions based. We hope this will grow into an avenue for you to share the environmental work and events in your life that are exciting to you! Click on the link below to view or download the newsletter.

KWEN Quarterly, Edition 5

The fifth edition of KWEN Quarterly is full of wonderful events and updates, as well as a look at our year in review. We cover the first year of contributing memberships, Leadership Team transition, and area spring events. As always, the majority of content in the newsletter is submitted by our members!

KWEN Quarterly, Edition 4

The fourth edition of KWEN Quarterly gives exciting updates about our members’ projects and successes. You’ll learn more about the KWEN Book Club, Green Drinks Lawrence, and a shoulder-to-shoulder mentoring opportunity being offered to KWEN members. Happy reading!

KWEN Quarterly, Edition 3

The third issue of KWEN Quarterly addresses how to recognize our inspirational “sparks” that pull us to action on behalf of the environment, including the sparks that will help guide KWEN through its third year. This edition also covers details from the KWEN Leadership Team retreat, art and creative essays by members, upcoming event announcements and reports on recent events and successes of several members.

KWEN Quarterly, Edition 2

The second issue of KWEN Quarterly features KWEN members who have received honors, details the Leadership Team transition, and provides various avenues for getting involved and making a difference through the many organizations KWEN members participate in.

KWEN Quarterly, Edition 1

The first issue of KWEN Quarterly features stories relating to environmental policy in the state, and initiatives from group member organizations that target future policy outcome. Some of the highlighted projects do not impact policy directly, but educate and connect others to environmental issues – a necessary step in shaping the environmental future we all hope to see.

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A fantastic year for KWEN!

I still remember  the very first meeting of the Kansas Women’s Environmental Network.  It started with a simple idea:  to get all of the women in town who do environmental work together to visit.  It wouldn’t be anything formal – just dinner, some networking, and the sharing of good ideas.   We reserved a small room at Free State, sent out the emails and waited.  As the RSVP’s rolled in, we quickly realized that we might overwhelm that small room so we held space at Ingredient.  On the big night, Kim Bellemere and I flitted about the room nervously wondering if anyone would show up.  We both felt that if we had more than a handful of folks come that we would call it a success!

Sometimes you just know that the time is right for something.  Well, let me tell you, the time was right for the Kansas Women’s Environmental Network.  We had well over 35 women in attendance at that first meeting.   At the second meeting we had about the same number but many new faces.  The story has been the same for each meeting.  Anywhere from 35-50 women attend the quarterly meetings and roughly 1/3 of the participants are new faces at each event.  We have had people come from as far across the state as Hutchinson and McPherson.  At the annual celebration in April 2014, we had a few out-of-staters who were seriously impressed with our powerhouse group of women.

The group is full of inspiring, intelligent, active women.  Some I’ve worked with for years and others I’ve only known a few weeks.  My favorite meetings are those where we simply share our successes with the group.  I love putting faces to names and learning about all the exciting things happening in our community.

KWEN is growing and evolving.  From the straightforward networking meetings to brainstorming sessions to the highly successful Legislative Panel on Environmental Issues, our group is doing great things. Our leadership team is full of hard working women who all pitch in to make sure things go smoothly and our membership is growing, growing, growing.  In just a few weeks, we are getting together for the first annual planning meeting and one thing is certain, you can expect good things in the future.   Stay tuned, get connected, and keep up the good work, KWEN!

In community,

Rachel Myslivy

Would you like to share a positive story about KWEN?  The blog roll is open…email kwenleadership at gmail dot com if you’d like to offer a fresh perspective!

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